Showin's Rambling Wolf At Diamond Ice (USA)

Pomlady's Lil Wolf Boy JR
TS12597901 Wlf Sbl
Pomlady's Howling Wolf of Montana
TR98598901 Wlf Sbl
Sho-Win's Rite On Wolf Boy
TN95624102 Wlf Sbl
Normas Mini Haha
TR65339203 Wlf Sbl
Mystic's Whisper In The Wind
TR67763901 Cr Sbl
Back Forty Ms Sippi Gambler
TP11879102 Red Sbl
Hilltop's Dusty Cloud
TP18633105 Cr Sbl
Pomlady's Wandering Gypsy
TS05252601 Wlf Sbl
Phil CH Canton Wandering Star
TR47198601 Wlf Sbl
Phil CH Canton Gladiator
3134L5 Lt Wlf Sbl
Jan - Shars What A Wonder
Magill's Gypsy Rosa Lee
GR47198601 Wlf Sbl
CH Barbara's Dancing With Silver
TP01133503 Cr Sbl
Pomsotic Dafne's Silver Dsire

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